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Are you looking for an outside sales position that offers competitive pay, flexibility for ideal work-life balance and personal control over your career? Sound too good to be true?  If you're looking for a role as an independent contractor where you can dictate your own success, but still feel like a valued player in a company changing its industry, then this opportunity is for you!

As an outside sales rep with Summit Web Goods, you can leverage your personal and professional brand to effectively represent our product and ensure, together, we meet each client's needs. 

Please Note:  We are only looking for experienced sales people. 

How We Define Success:

  • Get behind our product – the more you put into this job, the more you'll get out of it, and that's a whole lot easier if you believe in what we do. 

  • Sell online resources to businesses in your surrounding area.

  • Identify key target markets and qualified businesses for our services.

  • Demonstrate our services to qualified businesses.

  • Proactively cultivate new business by prospecting and networking.

  • Work directly with a dedicated sales director to close deals and build long-term lasting relationships with clients.

Building Blocks for Success:

  • The ability to work as an independent contractor -  industry experience highly preferred.

  • A home office space, or ability to work remotely, where you can perform your best.

  • Confidence in our mission and an eagerness to share it with businesses. 

  • A willingness to invest in your personal success. 

  • Desire to build and leverage professional relationships.

How It Works:

  • You must bring your own sales toolbox - we will train you on our product.

  • You get to set your own hours – work however much or little you want with no quotas.

  • You decide where to work and how to work – you are conducting business on your terms.

  • You'll receive digital marketing materials from us.

  • You'll receive support in the form of customer service, account management, and closing, so you can focus on selling.

  • Your earning potential is unlimited; however, there is no base salary or hourly rate for this role.


About Summit Web Goods-
Founded in 2015 by Doug Clark, Summit Web Goods has gone from a small town start-up to managing online advertising and branding for major brands and companies grossing more than $20m annually. 

As a leading online digital solutions company, Summit Web Goods saves businesses time and resources, decreasing overall expenses and increasing company revenue.

Our brand was built with a long-term vision. Our goal is to be a generational tech company and our integrity is the foundation of our success. Summit Web Goods values long-term relationships over short-term profit. The owners still head day-to-day operations for the company, and are as dedicated to fostering the culture as they are to developing the product.  
Company Ethos

  • We value long-term relationships over short-term profit.

  • We are building something that will last longer than us.

  • We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team.

  • We innovate and integrate products that improve the lives of our customers.

  • We build green technology that costs less than our prospective clients pay now.

  • We are passionate about helping businesses generate revenue.

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